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School Information systems

Geosis powerful, integrated online solution connects administration, the classroom, and the home. This module will help you to manage all round school information ranging from Academic, Attendance, Exams, Finance, Pay Roll, Student and Staff Profile.


Exam Management: Exams like Class Assessment Tests, Assignments, Class works, Mid-term Tests, Entrance exams and the school general end of term’s examination can easily be processed with automated reports sheets generated seamlessly

Parental Engagement: Keeping parents informed of their child’s school life is critical for inspiring learning. The challenge is to simplify the way you collect and communicate the information parents need. Whatever the current level of parental engagement in your school is, Geosis provides solutions that will help you initiate and control the parental engagement agenda, keeping parents on your side, not on your back. Via Geosis Online Solution, parents can view their child’s attendance, behaviour and achievement records in real-time. By providing information that’s relevant to them, it helps parents provide the right learning support at home .

Attendance Management: Poor attendance and negative behaviour can disrupt the culture of even the best schools; while rewarding good behaviour makes a significant contribution to helping you raise standards. With the right information at hand, you can identify problems early and put measures in place for swift improvement. Geosis allows you to keep track of attendance and behaviour and to communicate key issues to staff and parents easily. With Geosis you can record and view attendance throughout the school day, enabling you to spot any trends developing in individuals, groups or school-wide. Persistent truants are identified quickly and you can see if a child is continually arriving late for a class and if this is affecting their learning .

Finance: With school and academy finance growing in complexity, you need a solution to help streamline your financial process and improve efficiency. With Geosis your finance team will perform financial tasks more efficiently.



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