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Online Test/Exam (CBT)

Considering the fact that traditional examination system is laborious and time consuming we have added a well developed online examination platform. The system carries out the examination and auto-grading for multiple choice questions which is fed into the system. The integration of the online exam feature is to help prepare students for external computer based tests and exams and also to engage them digitally in a more positive and productive way

Geosis Online Tool provides facility to conduct online examination worldwide. It saves time as it allows number of students to take the exam at a time. The inclusion of answer processing module into the system makes it possible for results to be issued immediately a candidate or student finishes the exam.


Candidate is given a limited time to answer the questions and after the time expiry the answer function is disabled automatically and answers sent to the examiner. The examiner will evaluate answers, through automated process and the results will be sent to the candidate through email or made available in the web site. The system is consisting of a web based server with a database facility

This server is configured with proper security measures. Clients (candidates) can connect through the internet with a web browser.



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