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e-Learning (eL)

There is obvious need for schools to adopt more proficient approach to complement traditional classroom teaching approach. Learning facilitated and supported through the use of information and communications technology. An immediate potential benefit of considering implementing e-learning is that it can be seen as an additional avenue with which to support teaching and learning practice. It can cover a spectrum of activities from the use of technology to support learning as part of a ‘blended’ approach (a combination of traditional and e-learning approaches), to learning that is delivered entirely online.

Even though the use of technologies for learning has been implemented for several decades, the introduction of the Internet has promoted a considerable shift and innovation. The growth in Internet has brought changes in all walks of life including the education sector through e-learning. Seufert (Seufert 2000) explains, “Due to the interactivity and ubiquity of the Internet, learning is possible without space and time barriers.

E-learning technology in schools will help to promote an efficient, effective and productive way of teaching. More so, e-learning promotes better communication and helps teachers and students to share accountability for learning and achievements.


E-learning help students to have access to unlimited source of information; reveals connection between subjects; promotes critical thinking; and encourages students’ way of learning.    E-learning is an extended form of classroom teaching where learning, either online or offline is facilitated by the use of computer, telecommunication devices, networks, and storage capacity. On top of its easy delivery of information and interactive nature, the main benefit behind using the E-Learning instead of the traditional way is that Learners develop communication as well as personal skills such as autonomy, analytical perception, abstraction and others (Dargham, Saeed and Mcheik, 2013)


It is on this note that we introduce to you GEOSIS E-LEARNING SOLUTION. Geosis is one of the best programs available which is designed to cover all aspects of online learning experience including management of school’s information. Some of the advantages of Geosis are reduced operation costs, the ability to address huge audiences, quantifiable insights on students’ progress and quick deployment.


REAL TIME WEBCAST AND VIDEO TEACHING: Online live streaming of classroom lectures and activities has become far more effective and popular than one would have envisioned. With this feature, students can take the class from anywhere at a click of a button. It is also a sure way of reaching many students at a set time. Teaching videos can be archived on the server so that students can access them at any time. Hence students have the option either to watch the classes live or on-demand, depending on their schedule. Teaching Videos can also be prerecorded and uploaded to the website for anytime anywhere access by students. Online Assignment, Audio Teaching can also be made available through this platform.



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