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Get GeoSIS 1.5/2.0 (Network-Based School Information Systems Desktop Application) FOR YOUR SCHOOL.

ImageGeoSIS 1.5 conforms to Nigeria and international education standards and best-practices. It has highly efficient productive modules for Principal, Teachers, Students and System Administrators. The following are some of the features of GeoSIS 1.5:

Local Central Information Database

ImageLocal central database of GeoSIS 1.5 systems can function independently of internet connection as the system is entirely LAN/WLAN based except during Backup and Restore routines.
- Daily transactions like fee collections, issuing receipts etc., can be done without internet connection.
- Selected data alone will be automatically synchronized and backup onto the Web server in a secure manner. Note: This is the only time internet connection is needed.
- The management/authorities can generate real-time up-to-date intelligent reports of any module from any location in the school so long their PC or laptop is connected to the central server.

Secure Data from Unauthorized Access

ImageThe system is designed to have maximum security so that your data is safe and secure to block unauthorized access. For instance, Data uploaded by different departments can be accessed and maintained by the principal and admin but a teacher of JSS1 cannot access data of JSS2 if he is not authorized to do so. Students can only write online exam.
- Maintain and secure the important information in GeoSIS 1.5 servers and database at your own premises and on the internet.
- Password protected authentication and Role based access control for every user.
- Can integrate with other authentication mechanisms like smart-card/Biometric(Optional) *.
- Secure data transfer with digital certificate based server authentication (Optional) *.
- Data encryption can be provided for protection against misuse by unauthorized access *.

Rapid Messenger

ImageGeoSIS 1.5 features a robust rapid messaging system that facilitates easy and rapid information exchange from one system to another. With rapid messenger, principal / teacher from his/her office/class can send messages and memos to other active users. Documents such as Msword, pics, pdf are some of the files that can be sent from the comfort of their workstation without any stress or hassle.
- Users get alert when messages are received.
- Has a user-friendly interface and pop-ups.
- File documents can be sent to any system by the press of a button.

Online Examination Module

ImageGeoSIS 1.5 has a versatile online exam module which helps examiners prepare exam questions, student take online exams and finally mark and grade the exams quickly and efficiently. Schools can use the module to conduct prospective student entrance examination, quiz competitions, continuous assessment and terminal examinations. Your school can use this medium to train her students for external exams like online-UTME and post-JAMB exams.
- Anti-cheating measures are encoded into the system to curb exam malpractice.
- User ID are automatically generated for exams.
- Online exam questions can be printed and used for paper-based exam.
- Scratch card enable authorization available for sale to student by the on-request.

Multi-Step Registration Process

ImageGeoSIS 1.5 has multi-step student and staff registration process with on-site passport photo capture and upload. This process means you don’t need to scan photographs of passport photo of staffs and students anymore, just acquire photo with web camera attached to the pc at data capture location and upload.
- Pre-defined options available in relevant data fields to ensure data integrity.
- Record- Photo Identification enabled.

Exhaustive Student’s and Staff’s Profile Database

ImageGeoSIS 1.5 captures over 50 pieces of information related to the student personal data, past performance, health data, guardian and parent information making it one of the most comprehensive student profile database for effective student management.
- Staff payroll process and report generation integrated.

Highly Flexible Fee Module

ImageGeoSIS 1.5 has a fee management module which can be configured for collecting the school fees and the management can configure and get a variety of reports related to the fees. Fee installments details, Balance payments, debtors list, scholarship features are some of the features available depending on the policy of the institution.

Holistic Student Performance Evaluation

ImageGeoSIS 1.5 captures students’ performance parameter inputs from the class in areas such as attendance, assessments, examinations, extra-curricular activities, reading skills, writing skills, speaking skills, attitude, etc., which can be graded and inputted .
- Academic records/grades can be updated anytime with ease.
- Student report cards can be generated by a click of a buttons.

Intelligent Reporting

ImageGeoSIS 1.5 helps process and deliver more than fifteen different intelligent reports. These reports are generated by analyzing and computing array of parameters inputted into the system at different levels. Examples of these reports are: Online exam report, Exam Questions Report, User Identification report, Medical report, Account report, Payroll, Academic report etc.

Free website and bulk sms platform

ImageGeoSIS 1.5 comes with a full-option dynamic website and bulk-sms service that helps engage parents and students alike. You don’t need to create another website with geosis 1.5 service. If you want to sell scratch card to parents before they can download report sheets of the wards or have students buy scratch card before writing online examination, these options are available.
- No additional charges for website maintenance.
- Interactive and engaging website with all its associate feature, domain name, emails, database, ftp etc.
- free bulk-sms integrated service, just recharge your account and send sms messages all over the world.

Technology Highlights

- In-house developed, robust and scalable database sync-up technology.
- Database independent MSSQL 2008.
- Web-based server side techno - Web-based server side technologies –VB.Net/ASP.Net. 
- OS/hardware platform–WinXp, Win vista, Win 7 & Win 8 (32 & 64 bits systems).- SSL/HTTPS *.
- Role-based access control for enhanced security.
- Flexible & user-customizable design. - Pdf help file to provide user guide and getting started support.

Support Features

- Onsite implementation engineers provided.
- Training to the staff .
- Help desk for support by phone/ email/ chat.
- Installation/setup /migration support.
- Free website administration.

* means feature not available in this version / or under development

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